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came to be from our love of beauty, the sea, the divine, art & nature.

For Love & NymphS

My mother has always taught me about importance of being vigilant about ingredients.

We always tried to grow our own food, be resourceful & make the best choices of what we put in and on our bodies. 


Our skin is our largest organ & absorbs all, this is why we should be mindful of what we are using everyday.


My skincare journey is also a reflection of my life journey which allowed me to gain knowledge of what is important to me and what we are creating. 


I have always been fascinated by ingredients & creating my own personalized products. A sort of alchemy in my kitchen.


“Clean Beauty “ has always been something I believed in strongly - what we put in & on our bodies is crucial to our health

& wellbeing.

However, my “ why” goes beyond vanity & glowy glass skin.

The push to create “For Love & Nymphs”  came from great loss.

As much as I tried to be the best “ dog mom” and give the best food, have the best products for my family - I had a reality check.


Both my 6 month old puppies went into my garbage one day & ate a small bath oil.


Seashells 3.jpeg

I knew every ingredient & no vet thought it was poison- I received so much reassurance and I have experience with dogs.


We saw that it was more than just an upset stomach. They died in emergency, despite all efforts.


Not a day goes by that I don’t think of them. To this day, the vets say the ingredients should not have reacted like cyanide.


They are “ my why” & their symbolism is found in the logo & will be in our products.


This experience opened my eyes that what is sold as “ natural” is in fact not. My healing came from reiki, the moon & creating.


I want to share that healing & beauty with you through these products.


What is a Nymph?

Found in Greek mythology, nymphs are the personification of nature, flowers, the sea, rivers, the forest & trees.

Their Surroundings were unruly and wild, yet they are nurturing, sensual creatures, often taking form of a beautiful maiden.

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